Musik från YouTube: Hi Tech Trance – Energy Particles Mix ~~d(♡◡♡)b~~

Hi Tech Trance – Energy Particles Mix ~~d(♡◡♡)b~~
Hi- Tech Psychedelic / Trance
MUSIC is like SELF EVOLUTION… You start listening to certain kind of music and it evolves as your sub-conscious mind demands something different or music with some deeper state of consciousness especially when it comes to Psychedelic Goa PsyTrance,,
August 1, 2018 at 12:08PM

Musik från YouTube: Invocation Of Azazel Chant

Invocation Of Azazel Chant
This potent chant & Invocation of Azazel was produced by none other than the master motherfucker himself Pablo Mentizo! Much gratitude to both Pablo & Azazel for this masterful work of occult media that truly aids those who seek to commune with this powerful spirit of the Infernal Empire!
Headphones or Earbuds are suggested, along with a quiet and comfortable area in which to lay down and relax to experience the full intensity of this audio/visual presentation!
This is also perfect for use during actual ritual invocation applications to call forth Azazel into your being to experience the fullness of his energy, power, and dark gnosis!
Enjoy it!!

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August 1, 2018 at 12:34AM